liefsbeth. liefsbeth.


It all started with winged ‘kopvoeters’, mermaids, kamikaze fairies and chickens on bicycles. As soon as my hand could hold a pencil, nothing was safe from the markings of my imagination. To this day, illustration is the ultimate medium for me to allow others into my world.

And yet, my passion has only just begun. When my work as an elementary school teacher gave me an opportunity to illustrate my student’s learning materials, I began studying different illustrators and learned from observing their techniques and creative ideas. As I absorbed more and more, illustration became less of a hobby and more of an enjoyable challenge. I have discovered a true joy in being able to translate an imagination into a tangible, readable image.

Thanks for visiting and looking at my work! If you have an idea that needs to be drawn, please don’t hesitate to contact me!